The statistician always made herself available to talk and explain concepts as needed in addition to performing the necessary analyses. She discussed the best statistical methods for our study and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.


I'm always satisfied with the statistician. She does great, timely analysis.


Extremely professional and helpful, the statistician immediately became an integral member of the research project and without this help we would not have been able to complete the project, identify interesting results and bring it to publication.  As an aside, this is a very efficient and cost effective way to provide this type of invaluable help.


I appreciated the statistician's advice not only on statistical matters but also on the science of my grant proposal.


Thank you for providing this service. It says a lot about the priorities and team work at the Brigham.


The biostatistician is absolutely amazing. She was always available and willing to help even on short notices and during her off times. I feel very fortunate to have her helping me. She needs to be congratulated. Thank you.


The consultant is a great stats person who has helped us out with a recent project and did such excellent work we are anxious to work with her again.


I sought help for stats questions raised by a reviewer. Help was integral to eventual acceptance. Thank you so much!!!


I just want to say thank you very much for your hard work in developing the predictive model. I know it was a lot of work. You did an excellent job and I thank you for your efforts and help.


Thanks again for your help and your fantastic group!


I¹m very impressed with how seamless it is to work with CCI and specifically with folks in your statistics group. Thank you very much!


The consultant was invaluable in helping us with our revised NIH proposal.


Thanks again for your help. Very eloquently written - I could never have done that.


Thanks for being a sane statistics voice of reason.


It was great to talk to you - you had a terrific way of understanding exactly what I needed in a nanosecond.


It was a pleasure working with you and I appreciate all of your hard work.


Excellent program.  A real asset for clinical investigators.


Am enjoying working with the consultant.


Great service. I enjoy working with the consultant and plan to complete our project this summer.


Thank you for a great service.


Institutional support for this service was critical and should be expanded.


You have been incredibly helpful and have made this entire experience very pleasant.


Thank you SO much for your patience with this grant. Your input has been very valuable.


I am very happy. However, there are likely many who do not know of this excellent resource for investigators.


It was wonderful meeting with you. Thank you so much for all of your helpful advice and guidance regarding the statistical approach to my current pilot study and proposed future study of brainstem network connectivity.


You have been such a pleasure to work with.  The presentation on Friday went swimmingly, and was quite well-received.  I'd love to be able to continue to work with you.


I wanted to thank you for all your help, patience, support, mentoring, wonderful suggestions, and also for being very efficient with all the work - It was just a great pleasure to work with you.


I learned so much in the process of writing this paper. I never did a clinical paper, or one whose whole content was Statistical Analysis. I learned a lot from you.


We are indebted to the statistician who has put many hours into correct analysis of the data.


The Biostatistics Consulting Service fills a vital role for the academic mission of investigation, and particularly of training young investigators… I have found it to be tremendously valuable, prompt, and enlightening for both my mentees and myself. I would find it hard to embark on new projects with the enthusiastic but uninitiated if I could not rely upon the collaboration with this service.


I am so thankful for your help. I just want you to know how invaluable your services are.


Work has been high quality & the people a pleasure to work with.


The Biostatistics Core was absolutely essential for my research project involving a novel biomarker for heart failure. I also learned a lot about nonparametric and multivariate statistics.


I have worked with the statistician several times and have been so grateful for her excellent help.  She is an invaluable resource. I am so thankful to have her assistance available.


The statistician has done a phenomenal job, and been a pleasure to work with. In addition, she's been great at keeping me posted with total hours.


Fabulous help with the statistics.  I could not submit the grant without this assistance.


I have learned a lot from biostatistician. I found new and important aspects of our project.


This was a very helpful, timely, and educational telephone consultation about a single issue of analysis.  It is the clearest and most expansive statistics consult that I have had, among a half dozen or so previous ones.


I found the consultation helpful and the work product good.


It is a fantastic service and I strongly feel it should continue.


Great service! A definite plus as investigators try to put in grant proposals.


This is a wonderful resource for Brigham researchers.  The consultants are outstanding people who know what they are doing and are very accommodating.  I very strongly support this, and certainly would be willing to provide written evidence of this for any grant renewal.


Biostatistical Services have been very helpful in planning research projects as well as "doing the right thing" statistically as changes in the protocols arose.


A great service! I am happy to see that the hospital is giving something back for the large indirects it extracts from research projects.


I believe that this is an extremely important service and I have learned a lot about statistics.  This service should be expanded and made more available to investigators.


The consultant did a great job with my project and I appreciated her clear thinking and professionalism. Also, the interest she took in the project was exceptional. Thanks.


Service has been incredibly helpful. I am working with a consultant who has been fantastic. Very timely & receptive to meeting with me. Explaining statistical concepts, designing study, preparing for poster. My dept does not provide me with any statistical support so without the service I would not be able to do my research projects.


This is an invaluable service, and needs to be better advertised and expanded.


I used this service for the first time for a grant that was submitted earlier this week. This is a terrific service. Having statistical consultants is essential for many investigators to be able to design and power trials correctly, write a credible application, and analyze the data appropriately.


The Service was invaluable to me. I requested help revising a grant that had been submitted for publication and found lacking in statistical support. The statistician who helped me… was fantastic. We met in a timely manner and she accomplished everything I hoped on schedule. The resubmitted grant was funded in large part to the inclusion of her revised statistical portion. Overall, I give the service a HUGE thumbs up, my experience was great. I don't know where I would have turned for help in the absence of the service, quite honestly. I have already recommended the service to others in my laboratory.


The collaboration has resulted in expansion into additional research areas.  This is an invaluable service for the Harvard community!!!!


The service has been extremely helpful with 2 grant submissions and a recent manuscript… I have had very positive interactions with the BWH biostats service and hope it will be continued and expanded to facilitate research endeavors particularly for clinical faculty who are generally on a particularly tight time and financial schedule and need the availability of such expert advice for their grants and studies.


The service was absolutely crucial...  Thank heaven for this service, don't you dare stop it!!


The service is priceless to people who otherwise do not have the biostatistical resources available.


The work was timely and helpful.


The stats consulting service was absolutely invaluable for me in a past research project.  Thank you.


We were most satisfied and appreciated her input.


Have had excellent cooperation, under time pressure, with grant submissions. Particularly helpful in the computations of sample sizes for large clinical studies. The interactions have helped increase my understanding of advanced statistical concerns in study design and improved my grant writing ability.


Thanks very much for setting me up with the consultant. She has been a delight to work with.


The service was especially helpful in developing a statistical design strategy at the IRB submission stage


I found the services from your BWH statistics group helpful and educational.  It was a useful start for me to figure out how to work with a statistician on designing a clinical study and initiating work on grant applications.


Very organized, responsive, timely, and helpful. Could not have analyzed the data without her help. Thanks for providing this service.


So far great! I would indeed like to work with the statistician again.


Thanks again for your wonderful help with the analysis.