Brigham and Women's Hospital
Center for Clinical Investigation

Biostatistics Consulting Service

Our Timeline

Please plan ahead. We accept requests that are close to the deadline with the following caveats:


We need at least one month. If it is less than a month before the deadline, we may be able to help you with some simple summary statistics. There will not be enough time to do anything complicated like multiple variable analysis.


We need at least two months. If it is less than two months before the due date, we may be able to do some power calculations and write a few sentences. If it is a first submission and we don't have enough time, our contribution will demonstrate statistical involvement but will likely be criticized for being incomplete. If it is a re-submission, we need at least two months to improve your score.


Manuscripts usually take more time than abstracts and grants.


As the deadline approaches, the likelihood that we can provide helpful statistical support diminishes. On a case by case basis, we will refuse requests that are too close to the deadline to provide anything useful. Please contact us early!